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    Locksmith Colorado Springs Ford Car Key Replacement

Ford Car Key Replacement

As a locksmith for car keys, Budget Lock and Key serves Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, making it easy to get a Ford car key replacement in a timely fashion. Our mobile locksmith will travel to your location and take care of your situation on site. Whether you have just lost your key somewhere or broken it in the lock or ignition, our goal is to make sure that you are completely taken care of without any extra hidden fees or charges. Dennis Collins, the owner, has over 25 years of experience making Ford car key replacement sets and making sure you get exactly the perfect solution the first time.

We get many calls just to make a door key on Fords and we always ask if the key you have now ever worked in the door. If it did it probably still does, just shoot some oil into the lock and work the key in and out a few times. If the key is not used in the lock frequently the grease in the lock will stiffen just enough to trap the tumblers and prevent them from settling into the cuts on the key.

To get your lost Ford car key replacements just call us. We can give you a price quote right over the phone and schedule a time to do the work. Normally we can get to your vehicle within an hour of your call, and most jobs take about thirty minutes to complete. All cutting, originating, duplicating, and programming, are done at the vehicle and all at one time.

Have you Lost the last key to your Ford car or truck, the doors are locked and the battery is dead? If we are replacing lost Ford car or truck keys for you, we will unlock and if needed, jumpstart your vehicle at no extra charge.

The only requirement we have is that the registered owner of the vehicle be present when the job is started. We will need to see your driver’s license and your registration and they must match. They must match both first and last names.

We do not quote AND UP prices!

We do not quote a price range!

These should be huge red flags that you are about to get ripped off and have called the wrong locksmith!

The price we quote is the exact total price. We do not add labor and service fees after the job is done as our competition does! No surprises!

If you are calling many locksmiths to shop prices always be sure to ask what the total cost will be.

Replacing lost Ford keys is fast and easy when you call us, and you will be very satisfied with your Ford car key replacement.