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    Locksmith Colorado Springs Ford Focus Key Replacement

Ford Focus Key Replacement

Budget Lock and Key is your one-stop solution for lost Ford Focus key replacement in Colorado Springs. Our mobile locksmith can travel to your location to perform broken key extractions and to build a new key for your vehicle.

Dennis Collins has over 25 years of experience serving the Colorado Springs area making Ford Focus key replacement sets and making sure the customer gets exactly what they need every time. He is a trusted and reputable locksmith here in Colorado Springs.

The ford focus is one of the most popular ford models on the road today and we have made keys to hundreds of these cars. It does have one common problem; the ignition key cylinder will stop working all of a sudden without warning. The key will not turn anymore. Many of these models rolled off the factory line with a poorly designed ignition key cylinder that will fail, it’s just a matter of time. The only repair option is to replace the ignition key cylinder.

This is such a common problem that we stock the new improved version of the Ford Focus ignition key cylinder in our mobile service van and can rekey the new ignition key cylinder to match your door key so that you only need to carry one key to operate all the locks on your car.

Some people think they will just run down to the auto parts store and get a new ignition key cylinder and install it themselves. How hard could it be? It’s not hard if you have a working key to remove the old lock cylinder! However, if your removal methods include the use of a screwdriver, a hammer, or a drill, this could be a very expensive experience for you. Even if you are able to replace the ignition key cylinder without damaging the housing or the transceiver ring, the new keys that you now have will not work in the door locks and they will have to be programmed with a diagnostic tool.

If you face the urgent need of a lost Ford Focus key replacement, all you need to do is call us. We will give you an exact total price quote right over the phone and schedule a time to do the work. On most normal days, we can get to your vehicle withing an hour, and most jobs are completed within about thirty minutes. All cutting, originating, duplicating, and programming are done at the vehicle and all at one time.

If you are having a lost set of Ford Focus keys replaced, we will unlock and if needed, jumpstart your vehicle at no extra charge. The only requirement that Dennis has is that the registered owner of the vehicle is at the site when the job is started. We will need to see your driver’s license and your registration and they must match both first name and last.

Replacing lost Ford keys is fast and easy, and you will be very satisfied with your Ford Focus key replacement.

Call Dennis today at 719-260-0399 to receive a new lost car key replacement!