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Ford Keys

Ford Keys

Replacing lost Ford keys is what Budget Lock and Key specializes in. Our mobile locksmith will travel to your location, and make sure you have a set of Ford keys that work in your car every time. It is our aim to make sure that you are completely taken care of, without any hidden extra fees or charges post service.

All car locksmiths do not make keys the same way. Some will pull the door panel to remove and disassemble the lock to make the key. This is time consuming and can cause damage. These well-meaning fellows usually are not capable of making a good key.

We do not remove door panels to get Ford keys made. It is not necessary. These plastic door panels have plastic clips and are pressed into a metal door frame. You have to pry them apart to remove the door panel. Clips can break and door panels are scratched and bent. They do not always fit back together just as they were before.

We use the quickest and least invasive methods to get Ford keys made. We have specialized tools for making Ford keys that enter the keyway and measure the tumblers. Our methods are quick and easy with no damage to the car or truck. Dennis Collins, has over 25 years of experience serving the Colorado Springs area making Ford keys that fit your exact locks, and are custom made to be hassle free. If you have lost or broken your car keys, we have the best solution for your situation. We can extract a broken key from your lock, and get you a new set in no time. As the best locksmith for your new Ford keys, we make it fast and easy for you.

We can give you an exact price quote right over the phone and schedule a time to do the work. The price we quote will be the total cost without surprise labor and service fees after the job is done as other car locksmiths do. We can usually get out to your vehicle within an hour and complete the job in about thirty minutes. Our replacement Ford keys are made at your location and everything is done on site at the vehicle all at one time.

If you are having a lost set of Ford keys replaced we will unlock and, if needed, jump start your vehicle at no extra charge.

We can only make keys for the registered owner of the vehicle and that person must be present at the time of service. We fully understand that you may have paid for the car or you are a cosigner on the loan but if your first and last name is not on the registration we cannot make a key for you.

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