Broken Car Key Extraction

Has your car key broken off in one of the locks? Budget Lock and Key offers broken car key replacement services for Harlingen and surrounding areas. We understand the hassles of breaking a car key and are here to help.

Extracting broken keys through the keyhole without disassembling the lock can be done with our specialized tools about 99% of the time and at a minimal cost.

This is a skill that must be developed through many hours of practice, which we do have and we are very good at doing this. Our broken car key replacement and extraction services are here to ease your frustrations with breaking your car key.

The price we quote over the phone to extract a broken key is a flat fee and is based on the assumption that we can remove the broken key from the keyhole without taking anything apart. If the broken key cannot be removed without disassembly or replacement of the lock we will stop and give you a new quote. A new price will be quoted and you will not owe for the attempted service or trip charge and you are not in any way obligated to the new price quote.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee means that you will never pay for an incomplete service. We can also get you a broken car key replacement so you will always have a backup.

Do you have a working spare key? You might want to get an extra while we are there.