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Locked Out

If you have locked your keys in the car, you could probably use a spare key, so why not invest that lockout fee that normally runs between $30.00 and $75.00 into a duplicate key? We offer replacement keys for your car.

We will unlock and even jump-start your vehicle for free if we are replacing lost car keys or making duplicate transponder keys for you.

Paying someone just to unlock your car is a total waste of money and you will feel bad for doing it, especially after you see how quick and easy it is. “I paid $75.00 for that!!!”

You’re throwing your money away!

If you have been unfortunately locked out of your vehicle, we can make a replacement key for your car so that it does not happen again. We will also unlock your vehicle on site, but only with the replacement car keys service. Rather than just getting your vehicle unlocked, have budget lock and key make a replacement so that you always have a spare.

Calling us to come out and unlock your car for free and make you a spare transponder key is a better option. It’s an investment in something you needed anyway so you will NOT feel bad about it. Contact Dennis today at 719-260-0399 and he can make a replacement so that you are never locked out again!

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