Ignition Repaired-Replaced

Budget Lock & Key also offers ignition repair services for many GM, Ford, or Chrysler vehicles. We can repair or replace the ignition key cylinder and we stock these items in our service vehicle. We do not stock ignitions or provide this service for any other vehicles.

If your ignition cylinder has just stopped working all of a sudden, it probably needs to be replaced.

If you have been having problems getting your ignition to turn for a while and it is slowly getting worse, sticking or clicking, having to wiggle the key, or pull it out just a little to get it to turn, it may just be that you need a new key made. If that is the case, Budget Lock & Key can also make a replacement car key for your vehicle.

It seems to be hard to explain this over the phone for some reason. When we tell people this, they will run all over town trying to get a key copy to fix the problem. When that does not fix the problem, they assume the ignition needs to be repaired or replaced.

When we say you need a new key made we do not mean a key copy. When you get a copy of your worn out key what you are getting is a “Brand New” worn out key! We mean getting the key completely replaced, so that it is no longer worn out.

The first thing we do when we are called out for an ignition repair is cut a new key to see if this is the problem. The new key is cut to original factory specifications, in other words it is a perfect key. There is no extra charge for this, it is included in the flat fee you were quoted and your bill may be adjusted if that fixes the problem.

If your ignition key is the same as your door key we will re-key the new ignition cylinder to match your door key so everything is just as before. This is also included in the ignition repair flat fee. The problem with trying to replace the ignition key cylinder yourself is that most of them require that you have a working key to remove the old cylinder. If you do not have a working key that will turn, it will have to be drilled out. A lot of damage can be done if you try to do this yourself. Also you will end up with a separate key for the ignition.

If your car is equipped with a transponder key system you will also have to get the new keys programmed. You may end up spending way more than if you had just called us to do the work.

So call us for your ignition repair needs on your GM, Ford, or Chrysler vehicle. We are fast, it’s easy, and it is probably going to be much cheaper than trying to do it yourself.